Treatment for Visible Under Eye Blue Vein?

I'm 29 years old and for a while, I've had a visible blue vein under my right eye that extends over my cheek bone. Sometimes, its more visible than others. I was wondering what treatment would be best? How much would treatment for this problem tend to cost? It is really affecting my confidence at the moment it's all I see when I look in the mirror. Please help. Thank you.

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Large veins over the cheekbone and under the eye can be treated

I have treated these with sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy. Two tiny puncture wounds can be used to tie off the ends and remove the intervening segments. 

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Large veins on the face are not easy to treat

Large veins on the face present treatment problems. Unlike large veins on the legs, hands or arms, those on the face are in close proximity to large veins near the brain. Unlike small spider veins they are not amenable to treatment with IPL and lasers.

Most forms of sclerotherapy, one of the 2 non surgical treatment of varicose and spider veins, cause the treated vein to clot. If this clot extends into the brain there could be devastating problems. For this reason, most of us do not inject veins on the face.

Laser therapy, the other non-surgical treatment of spider veins, is not particularly effective for larger blue veins.

This leaves surgical treatment as probably the best and safest alternative.

Without seeing the vein, it is very difficult to make a recommendation. Your best bet may be to see a plastic surgeon who understands vascular anatomy and physiology or a vascular surgeon who is well versed in cosmetic issues. This is a cosmetic procedure. It may be that a simple ligation (tying off) of the vessel will solve the problem. This can be done with minimal visible scar formation.

If this vein is a major source of concern to you it may be time to see an appropriate doctor.

I have no idea what this would cost.

Good luck.

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