Have 5 Blows to my Nose Changed Its Appearance?

My nose has taken 5 seperate blows on 5 seperate occasions. A ball, a fist, a knee, a skull and an elbow. When i got hit with the fist and the knee I bled prefusely. When i got hit with the elbow I could hear the impact on my nose inside my head, but I am not sure if it was the sound of a broken nose. However, the elbow did not cause much bleeding, only pain and little blood. So would my nose look different without the blows or would it look the same? Might these blows be the cause of a bump?

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Nasal Trauma and Nasal Appearance

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Nasal trauma can affect both the appearance of the nose and the shape of the nasal septum. A deviated septum often occurs after many of the injuries you described. If you received trauma when you were younger, this could affect the growth of your nasal bones and could be more likely to have caused the hump on your nose.  If your nose does not resemble the shape of your parents, trauma could have been the cause. Rhinoplasty is an option for you if you do not like the appearance of your nose.

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