Does Blowing and Touching Nose Change Shape/make the Nose Wider Than Before?

a month ago i had a severe cold and would constantly blow, touch, squeeze my nose almost every minute. after the cold resided i noticed that my nose had gotten way wider than before. my nostrils are more open/wide and overall my nose just looks bigger than before. when i first noticed i thought it would go back to normal, since i just had the cold. yet its been a month and my nose is still wide and irregularly shaped. my parents and siblings and some friends have even noticed! whatdo i do!!

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Your Nose is Probably just temporarily swollen

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Dear Sadgirl, Don't be sad as this is probably temporary swelling from your cold and should reside in time. Allow some more time for recovery from your cold and you should be fine. Take some Vitamin C, wash your hands a lot and try not to rub your nose unless necessary. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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