Can a Blow-out Fracture of the Orbital Floor Cause Astigmatism? (photo)

I had an accident resulting in a blow-out fracture of my orbital floor. I had surgery 2 days later and a titanium plate put in. My eyesight never went back to the way it was prior to the accident, and I was recently diagnosed with astigmatism and I now need glasses. My opthamologist said that niether the injury or surgery would cause astigmatism and that I already had it and just didn't become aware of my vision imparement until after the trauma. Is he correct?

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Astigmatism after blow-out fracture

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Not terribly likely that the injury caused the astigmatism.  But - it is very common for people in the 3rd to 4th decade to begin needing glasses correction for a pre-existing astigmatism, due to the loss of accommodation (focusing ability) which normally occurs at this age.  Frequently this is first noted after a disruptive event, like trauma.

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