Blotchiness After Peel?

Hello, I had a medium TCA peel two weeks ago and my cheeks and chin are still irritated, blotchy, and uneven-colored. The texture is worse than before, as well. I was reassured by doc that itis healing, but when would one typically expect to look better than baseline after a medium TCA peel? Thank you.

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Blotchy uneven skin after a peel

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What you are experiencing sound fairly normal. Sometimes with a medium too deep level peel it takes awhile for your skin to recover, during the healing process your skin is very exposed which can cause itchiness and discoloration (blotchiness) from your new skin drying out. I would guess that you are still going to have some light peeling for the next 2 weeks. The best thing to do during this time to avoid damaging you new skin is to keep it hydrated with heavy moisturizers or post peel balms. Also make sure you are wearing sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation. After your skin is fully healed you can start using skin lighteners such as hydroquinone.

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