TT 6wks ago, when will the tightness of the tummy go away?

Someday's I am so tight it feels like I am going pop.

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Abdominal Tightness


Thank you for your question. Usually within a few weeks patients can walk upright and function normally. I allow a gentle return to exercises and abdominal activity starting at 6 weeks. The sensation of tightness can last much longer, but is typically describes as annoying more than painful. I recommend that you talk with your Plastic Surgeon about your concerns so they can let you know what to expect as you heal further.

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TT Tightness After 6 Weeks

Dear Teamneal, There are many variables that will determine how long your recovery from a TT will take. How loose was your abdominal skin, did the surgeon tighten your rectus muscles, was liposuction performed, individual pain tolerance, etc. In most cases, things start to relax around 4-8 weeks. I have my patients begin light activity and some exercise at 3-4 weeks. If your tightness is painful or unbearable, then go see your surgeon and have them make sure you are progressing as they would expect. Good luck. Dr. Gervais.

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Release of Tightness after Tummy Tuck

It may take several months for a tummy tuck patient’s scars to soften, for sensation to return, and for relaxing of the tight sensation in the abdomen. In the case of extensive surgery, abdominoplasty recovery can be uncomfortable and may take longer. Scars may stay red, become thick or widen. It can take 12-18 months for the scars to settle.

These can be improved with topical treatments such as BioCorneum, Scar Guard, Scar Fade and Mederma. Redness can be improved with laser treatments and the scars can be kept narrow with products such as Embrace.  On occasion, keloids or hypertrophic scars can develop and will need treatment including Kenalog, 5FU and laser.

While this may take several months for your tightness to settle, you should never hesitate to visit your surgeon for a follow-up to have the area examined to make sure that healing is still in progress. Good luck!

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TT 6wks ago, when will the tightness of the tummy go away?

Thank you for your question.  Usually by 6-8 weeks the skin following a tummy tuck has loosened, stretched and feels more normal.  Based on your description I would urge her to see your plastic surgeon for an examination to see what is going on.

Still tight after 6 weeks after tummy tuck

Thank you for your question about your tummy tuck.

Although you will be more swollen in the mornings and after exercise, it is unusual to be so very tight. You need to return to your surgeon to be examined to find out what is going on.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

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