Seroma keeps appearing?

I had tummy tuck end of March. I had drain in for 5 weeks. After drain was removed I had my stomach drained 4 times due to seroma. I went back last week as I felt another one and he ordered a sono. I went and had sono done and was found to have Linear complex fluid collection in the anterior abdominal wall with innumerable separations, and measuring 18 cm in length transversely across the abdeomen with axial 6.0x4.0. They are treating me with a sono w/tens unit and I just don't know about this.

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Late, Recurrent seroma after tummy tuck

Hi skinny (won't say the rest of your name ;)

Your situation is concerning at this late point in your recovery.  I am not sure about sono and Tens for your situation.  I would give it a try, but I am not sure for how long?  I would think that if this fails, you will need surgery to remove the tissue forming the seroma.

Have a long discussion with your doctor.

Best of luck to you.


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Seroma keeps appearing?

Chronic seromas like yours that don't respond to repeated drainage by shrinking and eventually closing up usually require surgical correction. These seromas develop a lining that will not stick back together and will continue to secrete fluid after attempted aspiration. This is why seromas like yours don't go away despite repeated drainage. The lining must be removed surgically and a drain placed to prevent the space from recurring. I am not sure of the value of a TENS unit in your situation.

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