My doctor told me no meds with a bunch of ingredients and vitamin E in it. Would that include foods with vitamin E?

I have seen that girls drink WHEY protein up to surgery and during healing process so I was wondering if I would be safe to take that.? He also seemed like he believed in the natural healing process. I was going to buy all this scar removal stuff and stretch mark cream to put on before and arnica pills to take before and he recommended none of that! Are their any other surgeons out there who feel the same?

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Vit E ?

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In my opinion Vit E should've completely removed for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery as should alcohol, herbals, fat burners , and all NSAIDS. 
These all contribute to bleeding or react unpredictably with anesthetics. 
Discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon

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Vitamin E, arnica, and antiscarring treatments and surgery.

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Very high dose Vitamin E has been reported to increase bleeding, but the amount found in multivitamins and food will not have any effect.   Arnica has been anecdotally reported to decrease bruising, but careful studies have been decidedly mixed as to whether there is any benefit.   It is certainly safe, but in the absence of convincing data, many surgeons including myself do not recommend it.  Regarding anti scarring treatments, again there are many treatments out there with anecdotal positive results, but the only therapy to have careful studies repeated demonstrating effectiveness are silicone gel sheets or creams. I routinely recommend them to  patients, and suggest you talk to your surgeon about them.   They do not eliminate scarring but in many patients, silicone gel reduces scarring when used postoperatively.

Surgery and healing

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Every surgeon has different recommendations for post-op care.  Best to follow his instructions. Good luck.

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