What kind of birthmark is this and can it be removed? (photos)

I've read online that some birthmarks are removable and some are not. I'm considered more on what kind of birthmark it is and whether it can be removed with whatever kind of treatment. It's located on the side of my back and I'm not sure what to do because it feels uncomfortable when I go to the beach.

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Birthmark, lasers and surgery.

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Some birthmarks like CALMS - see below can be removed with laser. I think you have a congenital melanocytic naves (Too dark for naves spilus), this is not a good birthmark for laser. I often excise this - serial excision, 2-3 at most, then laser over the scar. 

That would be the best method. You will be left with a fine line, instead of a birthmark. 

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Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetics
Brisbane, Australia. 

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