Can Blood Vessels Interfere with Rhinoplasty Healing?

I had Rhinoplasty/Septoplastydone a year and a half ago. I had an infection a couple months later. According to my doctor, I have fragile veins (I have a hemangioma spot on the right side of my face). I have drops of blood drained every week because the skin near the tip of my nose isn't attaching and it's forming a pocket that retains the blood and causes the infection. Are all these things related as to why I'm having these healing problems? What other solutions should I consider?

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Bleeding after Rhinoplasty

Your complication is very unusual and should be evaluated by a coordinated team of specialists including your surgeon and others such as a hematologist and rheumatologist. You have been very patient; it is not an emergency, but I would  seek professional help in the near future.

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Infection and bleeding of nose

I have never seen what you are describing. It is very unusual for you to have these problems a year and half afetr surgery.

I also recommend you see another surgeon (either a plastic surgeon or ENT) to give you a second opinion.

John Diaz, MD
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See a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

 You need to see a rhinoplasty specialist, since what you are describing is not normal. The nose should be healed by now and not have recurring problems.

Toby Mayer, MD
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