Bloodshot Eyes After Mullerectomy

I had a great Mullerectomy to correct mini ptosis last Tuesday. I love the results. However, the left eye on the left side still has blood stains in it, as well as on the right eye. I was prescribed Acular 0.5%, 1 drop every 4-5 hours up to 5-4 days. Does this stuff work? Is there anything that works better? I was also discouraged to use Collyrium eye wash and Visine.

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Please make sure to follow up with your physician. Most probably this will resolve.

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Chemosis can occur with any ocular surgery, and once it occurs it can take weeks to clear.  It is important to make sure there are no signs of infection or corneal irritation. 

Please continue your follow ups with your surgeon and this issue may take a few weeks to clear.

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Bloodshot eyes will go away on their own

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Do you mean that there is blood in the whites of your eyes? It's unusual to have blood in the whites of your eyes (subconjunctival hemmorage) after ptosis surgery (muellerectomy). In any case, this is just a bruise caused by a drop of blood under the sclera of the eye and will resolve on it's own over the next week.

Acular is an anti-inflammatory for the eye, similar to ibuprofen. It will help reduce discomfort and swelling but the bruise is going to resolve in it's own time no matter what you do.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD
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