Blood Clot, Small Pocket, Capsular Contracture. Should I Get Implants Removed?

I had breast augmentation in Nov14 My right has capsular contracture grade 2 and nerve was cut,small pocket,an air pop blood clot. All I found out from second opinion. I went there because I wanted to remove. I had first steroid injection last week. My first surgeon has no communication. I only spoke to his assistance. I'm having a next appointment in 6 weeks. So, I will ask them why they are not telling me the truth. I will understand and accept more. What should I do? Remove or 2 surgery?

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Treatment for breast augmentation complications

I don't suggest steroid injections around the breast to treat capsular contracture--these will only thin the tissue and make you more at risk for future issues.  If you did--or still do--have some blood clot in the pocket, I would suggest you speak to a surgeon who would seriously evaluate you for an exploration, clean out, possible capsulectomy/capsulotomy and replacement of the implants.  it is rare that a significant capsular contracture can be treated with a non-surgical approach.  Best of luck with your situation.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Operative Report for Breast Augmentation Wrong, Should I Do Something?

The most important consideration is whether you are happy with your current look. If you are, you don't need to do anything else. If you are having issues (either don't like your aesthetic outcome or if you are having pain) then it would be appropriate to seek further treatment. It sounds like you may have had a hematoma (blood collection around the implant)-- at this point (5 months later) I doubt there is still blood there, but that might explain why you have a small capsular contracture. That could be addressed with a small surgical procedure (capsulotomy). I personally am not a big fan of steroid injections in this situation, it can thin out the skin and there is always a risk that the implant could be damaged.

Matthew Concannon, MD
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