Could I Have Blood Clots?

I had breast augmentation May 2008. Mentor Sm Round Mod Plus Profile Saline implants, 375cc in both, placed under the muscle. In Sept 2008 the left side was reopened due to scar tissue. Sudden pain on left side once, worse during inspiration. Cardiac tests normal. Relief with O2. Similar random pains on right side now, worse when lying on stomach. Lumpy feeling around implants, not noticed til now. Sore under right armpit. Have always had "lightening" nerve pain. This is different. Suggestions?

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Blood clots

The symptoms you are describing will need to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon. Some people with implants can have a painful capsule without significant contracture. Also, although not very common an implant rupture could be looked into with an ultrasound or  MRI. The best thing to do is see your surgeon first.


Without an exam you cannot be diagnosed. You need to see your plastic surgeon. It sound's like it can be something to have checked out.

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