Blocked Nostril After Rhinoplasty

I had open rhino 3.5 wks ago. Pleased with overall results, but very concerned about completely blocked left nostril. My Dr said it is cartilage, wait 6 weeks and he'll "take care of it" then if it is still an issue. I can clearly see the fleshy mass of skin sticking out from the outer side of my nostril. With a Qtip, i can push it over and actually breathe! I had a panic attack today because i couldn't breathe and the prospect of being this way for 6 more weeks is intolerable. What can i do

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Difficulty breathing after rhinoplasty

Their are many different reasons that you may have difficulty breathing from your nose after a rhinoplasty. The most common reason is swelling but it may also be due to narrowing of the nasal bones and cartiledge, loss of support to nasal structures causing collapse when breathing in or a blockage from tissue or cartilage that has moved or was misplaced. In all cases, it is best to allow enough time from the original surgery for the swelling and inflammation to subside. In rare situations, when nasal airway obstruction is severe, the surgeon may elect to operate sooner to correct the problem. This is something that should be discussed with your surgeon and decided together after weighing the pros an cons of waiting versus fixing it earlier.

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Blocked Nosttril after Rhinoplasty

The "mass" you observe may be temporary swelling which can obstruct your airway. I suggest you follow your surgeon's advice. Obviously he/she is aware of the problem and your concern and will treat you appropriately.

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