Bloated, "Pregnant" Look - Torn Stomach Muscle and Hernia?

Bloating looks like im pregnant when im not i have had 3 kids though. They were all c-section and i was told i have torn stomach muscle umbilical hernia.. so i was wondering would that make me look pregnant or bloated?

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Abdominoplasty for 'Bloated & Pregnant' Look

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After 3 C- Sections for three children you could very easily have significant fascial laxity. This means that due to stretching of the covering of your muscles from pregnancy and weakening of your muscles the internal organs are able to push against the abdominal wall and create a round and 'bloated' appearance. If you have tried to correct this with excercise and there is not response then a tummy tuck might likely help flatten your abdomen and improve your appearance.  Good Luck   Dr Harrell

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