Can Bloating from a Medication Permanently Affect the Face?

I was on a medicine called Neurontin for sleep issues for about 10 weeks. My face had a lot of edema as a result. Since I stopped taking the medicine 5 months ago, it's like everything drooped in my face. I thought my skin would bounce back when I stopped the med, but 5 months later, it hasn't. I seriously aged like 10 years in a few months. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?

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Medication Bloating and Loose Skin After

    Facial swelling caused by medication or general health problem can stretch skin if significant and prolonged.

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Facial aging after a medication

If the swelling was prolonged then this is possible.  A popular technique in plastic surgery is tissue expansion.  This is a balloon that is inflated under the skin and act to peremanently strech the skin.  Also, a over weight person who losses a significant amount of weight can show pre-mature facial aging due to the deflation of the skin after streching due to prolong swelling,  weight loss or expansion of the skin. You may fit in thius catagory.

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