Blister on Nipple Two Days After Lift?

Hi, I had a lift with silicon implant two days ago. One of my nipples is 90% black. This morning I woke up to find a blister on it. My doc saw me the day after surgery and told me to take off the bra and not press anything to my breasts. He sees me again in three days. Btw, I don't smoke and he didn't use tape, only glue. Is this the start of necrosis and is there anything I can do to aide my recovery?

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Impending loss of nipple

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It sounds as though you may be having early compromise to the circulation to your nipple.One might give consideartion to hyperbaric oxygen treatments in hope to prevent this.

Black tissue is usually necrosis.

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Blistering of black tissue is the separation of the skin layers. This can happen with severe congestion as well as necrosis. If the nipple is 90% black, it is likely that a good portion of it will be lost. To improve situation like this, release of tension (sometimes releasing the sutures), hyperbaric oxygen, and appropriate moist dressings are advised. Close follow up with your surgeon is advised.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Blister on nipple after breast lift

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As already indicated by other surgeons, this could be a sign that you are developing necrosis of your nipple.  This can happen if the blood supply to the nipple is reduced.  It is possible that it could be a superficial problem but it sounds potentially more serious.  Be sure to see your doctor frequently and follow his advice and instructions exactly.  I do hope it proves to be a minimal problem for you.

Blister on nipple

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A "black" nipple after surgery, as well as a blister, may suggest inadequate blood supply to your nipple.  You should see your surgeon immediately to assess your condition in person.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Black nipple after breast lift

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Without seeing this, there is no way to be sure, but I completely agree that you need to see your surgeon immediately and frequently.

If there is decreased blood supply and/or necrosis, the things to consider doing (AFTER you talk with your surgeon) are:

  • Decrease any pressure.  Do not apply any external pressure.  If you had a saline implant, your surgeon might consider deflating it with a needle.  That won't work with a silicone implant, but you still have the option to remove the implant surgically on an emergent basis
  • External nigroglycerin ointment is probably safe, but may not be very effective.  Don't count on that working.
  • Consider hyperbaric oxygen.  This is delivered in a large high-pressure tank that your entire body goes into.  You breathe the oxygen at a high pressure, and it increases the oxygen delivered by your blood.  If the tissue is "on the edge", this may help save it, but it is a somewhat drastic step.

Loss of a nipple and/or the underlying breast tissue is something you definitely want to avoid rather than try to fix.  Contact your surgeon immediately and ask whether there is anything else you can do to better your chances.

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Blister on nipple after augmentation&lift

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This could be an ominous sign and pending a serious copmlication after breast lift and augmentaion for a none smoker . Blood supply of your nipple areola complex is compromised and now is prone to get infected .Your plastic surgeon could consider administration of systemic antibiotic ( if he/she has not done so) .Your nipples also need meticulous wound care attention. Topical antibiotic & multiple gentle dressing changes may prove to be helpful. Nitroglycerine paste is not going to be effective 2 days after surgery. If you do not see drastic improvement you may have to have your implants to be removed before you get into more serious problems .Please keep us posted about your progress.

Blister on a Dark Nipple Two Days After an Augmentation-Lift is NOT "Normal"

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Without an examination or a photograph it is impossible to advise you exactly as to what may be going on. However, "One of my nipples is 90% black. This morning I woke up to find a blister on it" SUGGESTS that you have reduced or poor blood supply to your nipple complex  resulting is severe tissue damage and possibly death. The fact that your surgeon advises no further compression SUGGESTS that he is thinking along the same line.

The only thing I can tell you is that your surgeon needs to see you on a frequent basis and decide what needs to be done. No advice obtained over the Internet is a substitute for what your surgeon can do for you.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Nipple discolouration after breast lift

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Hi, unfortunately there is a possibility of tissue necrosis. This could be either a minor problem (only top layer of the skin) or, rarely, a bigger problem of losing part/whole of the nipple.  As long as there are no tight dressing/stitches and you are not smoking or exposing the area to extreme cold, there is not much that will influence the outcome.The only thing to do now will be to wait and watch (and keep your fingers crossed!).

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Black nipples could be sign of necrosis

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Following breast implants with breast lift, if you develop black nipples and areolae, it could be a sign that there is insufficient blood supply to the nipples and areola.  That could be the cause of the black color of your nipples.   I would consult your surgeon to see what needs to be done.  If you develop complete or even partial necrosis of your nipple areolar complexes, then you will probably need eventual debridement and reconstruction of the nipple areola.

Possible nipple necrosis

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This is a rare complication of the combined lift and implant surgery, but very serious situation. You need to continue to see your surgeon. If you have saline implant I would deflate them to decrease the tension on the nipple. The consequence of nipple loss very grave to just observe and wait. The other treatment would be application os nitroglycerin ointment to vasodilate thevblood vessels to the nipple. All these may not work but worth the try. Please send pictures.

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