How Would Blepharoplasty Work for my Set of Eyes? (photo)

I am interested in blepharoplasty to remove some fat and excess skin from my upper lids so my natural crease can show (see attached photos). I also noticed how my lower eyelids come up towards my eye because of the way my tear duct is formed, I assume. (Again, photo is attached). Am I able to fix this with just upper blepharoplasty by having the surgeon pull back the skin around the tear duct and stitch it in place? Or would I have to get lower blepharoplasty as well? How much extra?

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Thanks for the photos. What you are doing with your fingers is pulling  the epicanthal skin away from the Lacrimal lake. When you do it with your fingers you can pull alot. Its noy possible to pull that hard surgically but you have the right idea. The procedure is called medial epicanthoplasty. You could do that on its own or in conjunction with and upper blepharoplasty to remove extra skin and fat.  I have to say I think your lids look good the way they are so consider no surgery as an option as well. Heres some more information about the procedures.     Good luck

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Medial epicanthoplasty with upper blepharoplasty

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A medial epicanthoplasty in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty will give you a look similar to what you are demonstrating with your hands, albeit not nearly as dramatic.  

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