Blepharoplasty and V-line Osteotomy in Asia

Hi there, I am Asian, female and 20s. I have puffy upper eyelids, buccal fat and receded chin. I am considering to have blepharoplasty and v-line osteotomy to achieve a sharper face feature. However, may I know what are the risks in do so and how long is the recovery time? Can it be replaced by some non-invasive procedures? I am thinking about doing the plastic surgeries in Asia. which country is highly recommended, eg: japan or Korea? If so, can someone please refers me to a good surgeon? Thank you.

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Puffy Eyelids, Buccal Fat, Receded Chin

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Non-invasive procedures will do little to improve your unwanted facial features. An upper eyelid blephoaroplasty will be benificial. I am not a fan of buccal fat removal because you will lose fat with normal aging. You imply you would prefer a less aggressive approach and therefore I suggest doing the blepharoplasty and a chin implant; then re-evaluate your appearance before doing the osteotomies.

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There is no harm in first having masseter muscle BOTOX

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You are young. But one quick way to look older is to have a series of unsuccessful surgical procedures. Will asian blepharoplasty and a v-line osteotomy allow you to achieve the look you are seeking? Honestly without a personal consultation it is impossible to answer this question.

However, the v-line osteotomy results are general modest. I think you might get as much or more improvement with Masseter BOTOX. The treatment is very safe, does not involve surgery and will probably achieve the facial refinement you are looking for. Regarding eyelid surgery, just be certain that you understand what you are looking for in eyelid surgery and make sure your surgeon understands that as well.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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