I Got a Blepharoplasty Three Weeks Ago and One of my Lower Eyelids is Drooping, How Long Do I have to Wait for Revision? (photo)

I got a blepharoplasty three weeks ago and one of my lower eyelids is drooping. I am 58 yrs old and in good health. I am putting ointment in my eye and taping it into place every night and massaging it several times per day. After the first week, the eyelid came up a bit but no progress has been made in the last two weeks. My surgeon says she can put a stitch in the corner of my eye to pull the lid up if it does not improve. Is this the best way to fix it? How long should i wait?

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Eyelid drooping after blepharoplasty. How long to wait?

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  You will get different answers from different folks on this forum.  It is easily in your best interest to wait at least 6 months before seeking a revision as in all likelihood the lid will come up without need for additional surgery.  Meanwhile, RELAX and massage the lid as others have suggested.  Good luck!

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I Got a Blepharoplasty Three Weeks Ago and One of my Lower Eyelids is Drooping, How Long Do I have to Wait for Revision?

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Priority one right now is to keep the eye moisturized as you are doing. In performing a lower lid blepharoplasty there is some scaring that has to occur and that can take time for the scar tissue to soften enough to allow the lid to go back to its normal position. Also, there can be small nerves that go to the lower lid muscle that are stretched and are not working well. I think a little more time should be allowed to pass to see if it correct on its own. At times, if it is very stiff, the surgeon can inject medications to help soften the scar tissue a bit more quickly. I think it is too early to decide if the corner of the eye stitch is needed or will work.  

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Sometimes in patients with poor lid tone, the lower eyelid sags and one develops an ectropion. Early treatment is massage and good lubrication.  You should be followed closely by your surgeon. Sometimes this needs surgical intervention to correct the problem.

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Eyes drooping after blepharoplasty

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After a blepharoplasty, the lower eyelids can droop, hopefully temporarily.  Massage and conservative management usually improve things.  If not, very specific procedures will be required to improve the condition.  It is best at that point to consult a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon with an interest in the midface.

One of the criticisms of a conventional lower eyelid blepharoplasty (subciliary without support) is that the eyes can round or pull down at the corners, producing a staring, surprised or sad appearance.

For this reason, we do not perform the pinch technique or conventional blepharoplasties on patients.  Ever.

Below are references some articles and chapters we have written on this topic.

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I Got a Blepharoplasty Three Weeks Ago and One of my Lower Eyelids is Drooping, How Long Do I have to Wait for Revision?

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  Best to follow the advice of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery for what appears to be a right eye ectropion.  Massage and drops may help keep the cornea moist.  There are two schools of thought.  One is to treat the dropped lower lid ASAP with various surgical and non-surgical methods.  The other is to keep the eye moist with drops, massage the eyelid and wait to see if it relaxes and raises.  Discuss the options with your Eyelid Surgeon.

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Lower lid

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The picture show ectropin of the right eye and this is due to the excess skin removal from the lower lid. I would suggest earlier treatment than waiting. You may need to have skin graft from upper lid . Suture placement would have been helpful if the the problem was due to the swelling. You will to have examination in person. You need to continue eye drops to prevent dry cornea.

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Time and massage will help.

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Lower lid surgery can be complex and scar formation may compromise eyelid appearance and function.

Upward massage is a great start, but there are other non-surgical options. Scarring can be mitigated by steroid and/or 5-Fluorouracil [a chemotherapy drug that has anti-scar propert]  injections in the immediate postoperative healing. I would recommend checking with your surgeon on this possible adjunct to massage and time.

I would not operate on your eyelid for at least 6 months [sometimes longer] after the initial surgery.

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3 weeks is early to determine final eyelid position.

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You will have to be patient as your tissues heal, and the scars soften.  During this time doing eyelid exercises to get tone back into the eyelid muscle and gently pressing the lower eyelid upward to stretch the lid and the scar in it, will help the lid return to its normal position.  This can take some time so patience is important.  If the lid does not self correct after the lid tissue is totally soft and no swelling remains, then being re-evaluated to see what is causing the problem would be the next step. 

Lower eyelid drop

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First you need to massage the eyelid upward a few times a day for a week or two and you need to wait for swelling to subside. If the problem does not correct it self  you should have an evaluation by some one experienced with lower eyelid problems following cosmetic blepharoplasty.  The cause of the problem needs to be determined- whether it is do to eyelid laxity or scarring. The surgical correction depends on the actual cause of the problem.

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Acute ectropion after surgery

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I would urge a very conservative action at this time.  Continue with your massaging and eyedrops as often as you can.  Time will definitely lead to a better result for you.  At the moment I think further surgery performed too soon to the time of your original surgery may creats even more swelling to the lower eyelid.  I can't discount the possibility for the need for further surgery, but without examinig you it is hard to give you serious recommendations.  Always follow the advice of your Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D. Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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