Blepharoplasty on the Inner Eye Lid Corners to Change Shape of Eyes? (photo)

21 year old male. I have been considering an upper blepharoplasty for some time now. Except that I wanted only the inner corners of my eyelids operated on(closest to the nose) All I want is extra skin excised from that area so the result is an inner eye lid crease(on both sides of my face, pictured with q tips). It would suit me well I thought. Giving my eyes a more rested relaxed appearance. Is this possible through surgery?

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Inner Eyelid Crease Blepharoplasty

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Yes. Blepharoplasty surgery can be modified depending on where along the eyelid the hooding or fullness is greatest. Both removal of excess skin and excess fat and/or muscle under the skin will contribute to a more noticeable upper eyelid crease.

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