Blepharoplasty Revision for Uneven Result

I had 2 blepharoplasties 3 yrs ago. The first was done on both eyes. The L eye was perfectly fine, but the R eye failed to form the crease, so a revision was done on the R eye with an uneven result. Is it possible to reverse the R eye or will the L eye need to have its fold increased? Thanks.

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Revision eyelid surgery

Surgery is never simple, revision surgery adds a degree of difficulty.  Seek out an oculoplastic surgeon familiar with Asian eyelid anatomy.  He/she will likely recommend raising the crease on the left to match the right, if the asymmetry is what bothers you.  Lowering a crease is almost impossible to do well due to the scarring already in place above it.

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Blepharoplasty revision

According to the picture shown, yes, the right eyelid crease is much higher than the left and it is acceptable at this point to undergo a revision surgery to try to balance them. The problem with trying to lower the crease on the right eyelid is that the incision may then show and it would be difficult to lower it without showing the incision. It would be much easier to try to raise the left eyelid crease to match the right. Look for an oculoplastic surgeon who has performed thousands of Asian eyelid surgeries before attempting this difficult type of procedure.

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Uneven Result for Blepharoplasty Revision

Eyelid surgery is not one operation, but rather two operations performed on each side of the face. Asymmetry is normal in everyone, and may persist after cosmetic surgery. One cannot reverse plastic surgery, but a plastic surgeon may possibly alter one side to help improve facial balance. Revision blepharoplasty may be on the skin, muscle, or fat. Alternatively, the eyebrow or cheeks may need treatment to improve symmetry.

Speak to an eyelid plastic surgeon to help determine appropriate options for you.

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Blepharoplasty revision for uneven result

NO!!!!! PHOTOS!!!!! so how can any of us experts posters answer?? Please seek in person evaluations for your issues. Remember realistic expectations are needed.


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Very specific question that needs a personal consultation to answer.

It is generally possible to modify eyelid surgeries and improve the result of a prior eyelid surgery.  However, not everyone who offers eyelid surgery has the skills to make this type of repair.  The biggest problem is understanding how to control how the upper eyelid forms a break and how to control this break surgically.  I would recommend that you research surgeons like myself who devote a large part of their practice to fixing prior eyelid surgery.

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