Another Surgery to Correct Small Eyes?

I had lower Blepharoplasty about 5 years ago and ended up with much smaller eyes that look rounder, as opposed to the elongated almond shape they used to have. I was wondering if there was any way to correct this surgically. If too much skin was removed, I suppose the eyes will never get as big as they were again but maybe they can be opened slightly. If not, perhaps can the upward slant be corrected? The sugeon also left a peice of gauze in the lower left corner of the lower lid which needs to be removed (right side of the photo). Thanks very much!

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The size appearance of the eyes is a complex perceptual issue.

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Dear Anabee

I practice in West Los Angeles and devote a lot of my efforts at repairing the appearance of the eyes after blepharoplasty. To fix the appearance it is critical to understand how the surgery has altered the appearance.

In every case, it is essential to have before pictures. We don't have those here, so let me make some general comments.

First, you have a profound tear trough deformity which is likely due to the prior lower eyelid surgery. The lateral canthal angles appear to be slightly disinserted from the orbital rim contributing to a subtle rounding of the shape of the outer corner of the eyes. This difference in shape is not the same on the two sides with the right side both wider and more blunt in appearance than the left eye.

Because the upper eyelid also inserts in the outer corner, laxity of the inserting tendon can also result is a flaring of the upper eyelid margin. This can be seen with more flaring of the outer upper eyelid edge on the right side compared to the left.

The fix for you would be placement of a hand carved ePTFE orbital rim implant over which the cheek would be lifted to fill the lower eyelid. Careful reconstruction of the lateral canthal angle with upper and lower canthoplasties on each side would then restore the almond shape of the eyes. I invite you to look at my website: for examples of this type of work.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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You have a deep tear trough groove on the inner aspect...

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You have a deep tear trough groove on the inner aspect of each lower eyelid with blunting of the outer angle of the eyelids. This appears worse on the right than the left. Suggestions would include a tightening of the lower eyelid wtih suspension of the cheek. This would give you a better positioning of the lower eyelid, help eliminate the tear trough deformity, give you better contour of the lower eyelid.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Expert corrective surgery can make you look better.

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Hi! Your eyes are round, specially the right one. Also too much fat was taken out of your lower eyelids and they look somewhat hollow. And, as you say, there is a bulge under your left lashes.

These things can be improved, bot this is very tricky surgery. Try to find a surgeon who specializes in the eyelids. In the U.S., they are called oculoplastic surgeons.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Canthopexy can produce slanted eyelids but will make eyes look smaller

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The canthopexy can correct the downward pull of the lower eyelid and create a slanted more almond shape to the eye.

However, a canthopexy pulls the lower eyelid up and will cover more of the white of your eye and make the eye look smaller.

Since you want larger looking eyes I would not do a canthopexy. If your main desire is to slant the lower eyelid up for "almond shape,' then the canthopexy is the right choice.

You will need to find an expert who is very comfortable with eyelid surgery. Canthopexy is a very delicate, complex operation that requires a lot of experience and technical skill on the part of your surgeon.


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Your left eye looks very nice, though the lid is a smidge low (not at all bad however). The right lid (left side of photo), has more scleral show. Your lids can be raised, and the apeture can be lengthened to give you back the almond shape. You will need a canthopexy, which is easy enough to do. Be sure the surgeon has experience however.


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