Is it Possible to Revise Lower Lid Retraction Due to Previous Blepharoplasty Operation?

I suffer from lower lid retraction due to a blepharoplasty; and most problematic is my painful and severe dry eye due to MGD. Are the muscles that are intermingled with the fatty tissue directly in contact with the meibomian glands, thus imperative to their function? Best Regard, Brad

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Lower eyelid retraction

This is not an uncommon side effect of lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Massage and time are first line "treatments" in these cases. Unless there is an incredibly severe case, I would not recommend surgery until at least 3 months have passed from the blepharoplasty.

Although there are no studies to confirm or contradict this possiblity, It is unlikely that the eyelid muscle is in any way affecting the meibomian gland dysfunction. More than likely, it is the ocular surface tear film distribution that has been compromised.

Be patient and if the condition hasn't improved, seek the opinion of an oculoplastic surgeon

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Blepharoplasty Complication Retraction

This is a definite complication of lower lid blepharoplasty, for which there are surgical techniques for repairing.  However, these are definitely challenging surgeries, so require a surgeon highly trained in the techniques.

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Is it Possible to Revise Lower Lid Retraction Due to Previous Blepharoplasty Operation?

Lower lid retraction after Blephroplasty is usually correctable with surgery.  You should see an Oculoplastic surgeon to determine what needs to be done in your particular case.

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Lower eyelid retraction

This problem can occur from blepharoplasty.  In some situations it is tempary and resolves as surgical swelling settles.  In situations where this fails to resolve, revision surgery can be performed where the eyelid is repositioned. 

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There are many reconstructive options for the lower eyelid.

Of course there is no substitute for an actual personal consultation.  Because of the presence of MGD, assessment by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon will be most appropriate.  You might consider reposting your questions with photographs.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a geographic directory that can help you identify a highly qualified surgeon near you (asoprs dot org).

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Lower lid retraction.

The lower lid retraction can be revised and elevated but I need to see photos or preferably you to say how this would be done.

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Post bleph lower lid retraction and dry eyes

Lower lid retraction is a common complication of lower lid blepharoplasty often due to too much skin and muscle removed or scarring in the middle layer of the eyelid due to a skin approach to the lid fat. Lid retraction is a separate problem from meibomean gland dysfunction. Lid retraction can be corrected but it is best to avoid the problem in the first place. Your best bet is to consult with an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

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The answer to your question is definitely yes.

The outer area of your lower eyelid and cheek can be brought up and sutured into the appropriate position.

Consult an ophthalmic plastic surgeon


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