Blepharoplasty Incisions Open at 16 Days

I'm 54, and had Blepharoplasty surgery 16 days ago (and also 15 yrs ago). One lower incision opened the night after surgery, then stitches failed/ dissolved about a week later on both my upper lids, and they are still open now. My doctor insists these can't be closed again, that I should let them heal as is, but they show little improvement in the last week. It's worrisome. She prescribed predisone steroid for after surgery treatment, and also an opthalmic oinment with dexamethasone, which I now understand may have been harmful to healing processes. Should I consult with another doctor?

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You should go back to see your doctor

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You should go back to see your doctor.  You may need a revision.  And, regardless, you should have this checked out.  You don't want it to turn into an infection. 

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