Blepharoplasty for right eye or Filler for left eye? Desperately need to fix the problem! (Photos)

In 2012 i had ptosis surgery performed by a ophthalmologist - this is what he goes by...I'm uncertain now if this is different to an oculoplastic surgeon, my first surgery he just fixed my levator muscle without taking any skin even though i had eyebrow ptosis aswell, I had a revision surgery in 6 months after my eyebrow had settled and my surgeon removed some skin, there's no difference so i'm wondering if i can get blepharoplasty to my right eye or if i should get filler to match my left eye

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Your photos are so poorly formatted that it is impossible to understand you issue.

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We want to help.  Consider reposting with a single straight ahead photograph of your full face.  The larger the file the better so we can get a reasonable idea of what is going on.  Without that it is really impossible to understand you concern.

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