Blepharoplasty to Fix my Droopy Eyes.

Dear Doctors, I'm 28 years old Asian girl and I've been considering having surgery to fix my droopy eyelids for a long time. It is so annoying when people tell me I look tired, lazy, sad all the time. I want to look more awake and alert after the surgery. Is it also possible for me to go for eyes surgery to make my eyes bigger?

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Ptosis Surgery to Correct Sad or Tired Appearance

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Based on your photograph, you have "eyelid ptosis" which appears to be quite significant. Ptosis surgery can be beneficial and is worth pursuing to correct your appearance (i.e. tired, lazy, or sad disposition). Eyelid ptosis surgery can actually help your vision as well.

Ptosis repair vs. Blepharoplasty. Which is better?

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  I certainly agree with the other doctor who responded.  The photos you submitted demonstrate bilateral ptosis or blepharoptosis (and a rather severe case at that!).  A blepharoplasty alone will not be beneficial.  You would likely need bilateral ptosis repair.  I think that this is best accomplished by seeing a well trained oculoplastic surgeon who will know several different techniques to fix the problem.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Ptosis surgery fixes the lifting muscle in a droopy eyelid

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The pictures you uploaded show Ptosis of both upper lids.  This is usually the result of a problem with the tendon (aponeurosis) or the lifting muscle itself in the lid.  Blepharoplasty alone will not solve this problem.

A careful evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon experienced with ptosis surgery and with eyelid surgery in Asian patients would be a great starting point.


Hope this helps.


Mark Lucarelli, MD FACS

Madison, WI



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