Skin is Droopy Under Eyes 10 Years After Eyelid Surgery - Time for a Re-do?

My eyes skin go down, I have a Blepharoplasty 10 years ago, I have not bags under eyes, only my skin go down. What should I do? Thanks.

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Pinch for droopy skin under eyes

Typically, the primary goal of a lower blepharoplasty is to remove puffiness and excess fat in the lower lids. If there is excess skin that is present, this can simply be removed through a pinch technique at the lash line on the outside. This incision is closed with histacryl tissue glue.

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You should see a doctor to learn why the skin is droopy and help decide the best treatment.

It may be time for a re-do. It may be time for filler. It may be time for skin treatment. It really depends. You should see a doctor to learn why the skin is droopy and help decide the best treatment.

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Seek help from a board certified plastic surgeon

A Board certified plastic surgeon will be able to examine you and then give you an honest opinion regarding what is the best option for you. There are many posibilities of treatment but these can only be recommended after an examination.Good luck

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Eyelid skin laxity

Excess  lower eyelid skin may develop even after a previous eyelid procedure.  10 years is a pretty good amount of time to have passed with nice results.  This is not an uncommon request and usually a fairly straightforward procedure.

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Repeat Eyelid Surgery After Blepharoplasty

We all continue to age, despite cosmetic procedures. Facial plastic surgery, such as eyelid surgery, generally has a duration when the results will be appreciated. This duration is typically several years, and patients will always look better than if they had never had the procedure in the first place. However, sun damage, genetics, & lifestyle choices, such as smoking, will continue to cause the face & skin to appear aged & tired.

Touch-up cosmetic procedures are common, and usually not as extensive as the original procedure. Repeat lower eyelid cosmetic treatment may involve skin resurfacing with a chemical peel or laser, instead of eyelid surgery. Speak with a plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery to help determine appropriate options for you.

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After 10 years it is reasonable to have additional work

It sounds like you have some crepey low eyelid skin.  Obviously what you need is a personal consultation.  Since you do not have a lower eyelid bag, potential solutions might focus on tightening up the lower eyelid skin.  Procedures like factional CO2 resurfacing may not be sufficient to improve this type of situation.  Smaller eyelid procedures like a skin pinch possibly combined with lateral canthal support may be the right answer.

I often recommend a Phenol peel for these situations by it requires a great deal of experience to perform these treatments.  You live in an area with an abundant number of the eyelid surgeons.  Consider using the directory service of the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:  This site will help you identify a well qualified surgeon in your area.

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Re-do eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty)

In 10 years the skin can re-stretch and the deformity for which you had the original surgery can recur somewhat. It is usually not the same, since, 10 years ago most surgeons removed a significant amount of fat, and this is not there to cause its deformity. You may have also lost some more fat, or even had some absorption of the bone. The other problem that sometimes occurs is descent of the entire lid. Without a picture, it is impossible to make this distinction or tell if it is something else. Most of these problems do require surgery to fix. See a Plastic Surgeon who has significant experience in eyelid surgery.

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Sagging Lower Lid Skin

It is close to impossible to advise you what you should do without being able to see what you are referring to. Depending on WHICH lower lid structures are lax and loose, various treatment modalities may be able to help you, including surgery.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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