Blepharoplasty Asymmetry

Had double eyelid surgery in September 2010. I feel there is a very noticeable difference between my eyes. My surgeon says there might not be much he can do because the difference is so slight he could make it worse than it already is. He and everyone I've asked say that its barely noticeable. When I look in the mirror I see the difference but don't think its horrible, hope they're still healing and end up more similar, but not horrible. But in pictures they look much worse for some reason. What are my options?

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Eyelid asymmetry after Asian eyelid surgery

You have ptosis of the left eyelid which most likely was there prior to surgery. This is a type of situation where about half the patients will want to have corrected to make it more symmetric. 

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Blepharoplasty Asymmetry. I agree but I disagree even more

  I agree with the other responders that you probably do have a mild ptosis (i.e. 1 mm) in the left eye and that treating this might be a little tricky.  But my guess is that what is really bothering you is the perceived skin excess in the right upper lid.  Instead of trying to chase the 1 mm ptosis in the left upper lid (which could have been present before the surgery), I would vote for additional skin excision in your right upper lid.  I think you should ask your surgeon to do this for you to improve your satisfaction and symmetry.

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Mild ptosis can be repaired reliably

Dear Julie

Dr. Shureih is exactly correct. You have about 1 mm of left upper eyelid ptosis [droopiness]. Repair of the ptosis may decrease the amount of eyelid platform [space between your lashes and the fold of skin above] that is visible and decrease the asymmetry.

There is a ptosis repair technique that can be performed through the underside of the eyelid without any external incisions that may achieve this for you. If your surgeon is not comfortable with this technique, you should seek a second opinion from an Oculoplastics Surgeon, which you can find from

Good luck

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Eye lids

According to the picture posted, the left eye has a slight eyelid ptosis.Could have been present prior to surgery.

Repair is possible, but achieving symmetry is very difficult.You will need to make the decision if undergoing surgery is worth it for you.

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