Possible Blepharoplasty with Alllergic Conjuctivitis

Hi. I'm a 20 year old male from India suffering from vernel keratoconjuctivitis . I was diagnosed with keratoconus 4 years ago and have undergone collagen cross-linking in both my eyes and my condition has been stable ever since . However , there's allergy in both my eyes. I was told by my doctor that people usually do grow out of allergies. cani  hope for that because i feel like shit at this moment ? I've noticed a slight droop in the right eye. Can something be done to achieve perfect symmetry ?

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Yes, surgery is possible

Yes, ptosis surgery is possible to raise your right upper eyelid slightly, however it is more important to get your allergic conjunctivitis under control. Repeated swelling bouts of the eyelid can potentially stretch the eyelid tissues and make your results less long lasting.

Your cornea specialist can help manage your allergic symptoms.

Good luck

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