Doctor Told Me to Push Into My Eyes to Relieve Post-op Bleph Swelling - Why?

i just had blepharoplasty done 3 weeks ago i am still swollen especially the lids and a little droopyness on bottom lid and i still look like i just got out of surgery i called my doctor and now he is telling me to put my hands in a fist and push up into my eyes...what does this mean and why do i have to do this excerize??? donna.

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Management of swelling after blepharoplasty

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Surgeons have different protocols for their post operative care, and you should discuss any questions you may have about the regimen your were advised to follow with your surgeon. 

New York Plastic Surgeon

Massage helpful for surgical swelling

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Dear Donna, I do find massage to be helpful for swelling after surgery. I usually advise my patients to massage the tissues over the facial bones gently with two fingers working in a circular motion lifting the tissue upward. If you've had fat repositioning or fat transfer your surgeon might be uneasy with massage rearranging the mobilized tissue.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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