I'm Considering Bleph and Fraxel Re:pair but Not Sure It's the Most Effective Treatment to Restore Youthfulness to my Eyes/face.

I hate the lines around my eyes and I have not had a great experience with fillers. With upper & lower Blepharoplasty and Fraxel re:pair in NYC, what should I expect to pay? Is this the most effective treatment to give me the most drastic results?

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Blepharoplasty and Fraxel

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First of all the key here is to restore youthfulness to your eyes and this does not combine well with the word drastic. An upper lid blepharoplasty would be effective in treating the excess skin of your upper eyelids. I think the most effective treatment with the best desired results for the eyelid wrinkles would probably be a CO2 Fractional laser. I do not think that the Fraxel gives the ultimate results for diminishing lines unless they are fine. You may also be a good candidate for botox afterwards to prevent any reoccurrence of the lines. Best regards!

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Prevention is Key When Considering Correction

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Lines around the eyes are mainly created by dynamic facial muscle movements. Through repeated expression, the lines will eventually be formed at rest, resulting in the appearance of crowsfeet. The only way to help prevent this from occurring and to help smooth the dynamic wrinkling is to treat the area with Botox. This intra-muscular injection does not fill the lines, but rather quiets the active muscles which form the lines, thereby helping to prevent them from worsening over time. Through repeated treatment (approximately every four months initially), the area will continue to look smoother.

Blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper and lower eyelids. This treatment is usually not performed until the late 30’s and older. The results will show a less tired appearance, but this surgery will not prevent lines from forming around the eyes. Fraxel re:pair is effective in retexturizing the skin and stimulating collagen to help smooth the area, but it is not preventative in the formation of new lines. Depending on your age and texture of the eye area, it may be a combination of treatments that yields the greatest results. Consult with an experienced Cosmetic Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine which treatment is appropriate for your concerns.

Frances Jang, MD
Vancouver Dermatologic Surgeon

Eyelid creases and Fraxel and blepharoplasty

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You need an exam to determine what is best for you. Your photograph demonstrates a minimal to moderate action of the squinting muscles and the frown muscles which may be lowering the upper eyelid somewhat and the upper lid creases may be artificially worsened during this maneuver.  Blepharoplasty may be a good treatment, but your photodamage and squint lines can be treated by a combination of Botox injections and Fraxel Repair. Botox can treat the frown and help lift the eyebrows too, but of course this is a temporary result. Fraxel Repair can be very effective for rejuvenation of the skin but it has risks so learn about its recovery time and wound care.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can't get "drastic results" around the eyes

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The eyelids are delicate structures and much can be done to rejuvenate the area.  But the result can never be drastic without taking on the risk of disastrous complications.  Keep your expectations reasonable and conservative and you can be happy.

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