Unhappy with Blephroplasty Results: Can I Get a Revision?

hi i had a bleoplasty im so unhappy with the result i wanted cat eyes paid 5.000 euros he did 4 eyebrowliftings and the bleoplasty i have lots of scares and the result is sad im so depressed and have no money any more to change the op i saved the the money since i was 15 im now 50 not everyone has so much money to do such a op also i have a handicapped child with serve disabillitys this is not fair want can i do now perhaps someine can help with a good surgeon... i live in germany but im from england....

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Unhappy with blepharoplasty

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  • I am sorry about your unfortunate experience.
  • If the surgeon is not able or willing or competent to help you, I suggest you consult another surgeon.
  • Germany and England have many excellent ones.
  • This is self-pay surgery in most cases. If you do not have the money, you may be able to raise it from local charitable groups - if they consider it a worthy cause, given your other stresses. Best wishes.

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