Bleeding 5 Days After my Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Hi,I am 5 days post rhinoplasty and have been feeling better and more energetic everyday ,this morning my nose started bleeding quite a bit I got a bit of a fright because the first few days I was expecting blood or gunk and I barely had any ,is this anything to worry about I feel fine now just scared me a bit

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Bleeding 5 Days After my Rhinoplasty Surgery?

      If the bleeding has stopped, that is one thing.  If you continue to experience bleeding, call your surgeon's office or the surgeon on call.



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Bleeding 5 Days After my Rhinoplasty Surgery?

This is not common but not rare, either. I typically send my patients home from the surgery center with Afrin as long as there is no medical contraindication to using it. I recommend spraying both nostrils with Afrin if bleeding occurs (not drainage but a true nosebleed). If that, along with finger pressure, doesn't work in ten minutes I have the patients call and return to the office. It is important to not use Afrin for more than one day as your nasal tissue can become dependent on it and create problems with inflammation in the nose. I deal with about 1-2 nosebleeds a year following rhinoplasty so they're not common but do occur. I hope this information is helpful. 

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