Bleeding After Extensive Tummy Tuck with Lipo of the Hips?

I want to rent a recliner to rest in. The cloth covered recliner is wider and softer. 26 inches so I can wiggle around and sleep in it. the vinyl covered one is just 22 inches, so has less room How much will I bleed? I would prefer to put a sheet in the cloth one to protect the fabric and sleep in it, if I am not going to stain the fabric,. But if I am going to bleed all over the place, then I have to pick the vinyl one. How messy am I going to be?

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I would protect the recliner with a plastic and then a soft fabric. You are not expected to bleed too much. You are going to have drains and those will be catching your bleeding if any. If you had liposuction of your thighs then yes you would be draining quite a bit.


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