Bleaching Teeth, a Couple Have Bonding, Should the Bonding Be Removed Before Bleaching and Veneers?

I want to get veneers on my front 4 teeth. My 4th-6th tooth on the top on each side have bonding on them near the gum because my gum was receding and it was very sensitive. So my dentist put a little bonding on each. But now that I want to get veneers, I want to bleach my teeth first. I am afraid that these 4-6th tooth that have bonding on them though will not bleach. The bonding is not covering the whole tooth just the top 1/3 of each of these 6. Should the bonding be removed before bleaching?

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Bleaching Teeth that are Bonded prior to Veneers

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If you want the whole tooth to bleach, then you have to remove the bonding first. If there is only a little bonding near the gum line, and it isn't very dark, then you can probably leave it alone.

New York Dentist

Bleach first

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They bonding that was placed on those back teeth will not bleach.  I would recommend bleaching your teeth first.  Once you have bleached to the desired shade, your dentist can replace the bondings to match the new color.  We never know exactly how well or to what degree someone's teeth will bleach, so to change out the bonding before hand, whould just be guesswork on your dentist's part.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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