How much does it cost for Bleaching Skin?

how much does it cost to bleach my skin,i would like to be the color of Lil Kim

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Skin Bleaching

In my opinion, every skin color is beautiful.  The most important factor is having even skin tone and texture.  To achieve these results I recommend three things: Retin-A, a bleaching agent and sunscreen. Retin-A will help to speed up cell turnover, improve the overall complexion of the skin and most importantly produce new collagen resulting in less fine lines and wrinkles.  Next, I recommend a bleaching agent such as hydroquinone.  Finally, a sunscreen that is applied everyday to minimize further sun damage which can lead to brown discoloration of the skin.  You can de-pigment your skin which would result in an “Albino” appearance or Vitiligo, but there is no way to gradually control the reduction of pigment by just a couple of shades.

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