Blepharoplasty/Brow Lift Messes with Eye/brow Ratio. Is There an Alternative?

To me, blepharoplasty "after" pictures look worse than the before pictures. I think it's because the procedure appears to draw the brow down and cause an imbalance between eye height and brow height. The same problem happens when eyebrows are pulled up. It seems to me that the reason eyelids look deflated is because the material underneath of them is missing. So, is there a way to "fill in" what was lost instead of messing with the magic eye/brow ratio?

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Does brow lifting "mess up" the eye/brow ratio?

You are correct that blepharoplasty and/or brow lift can make or give the illusion of "incorrect eyelid and brow ratio".  The real problem is age-related fat deflation of the brows (along other parts of the face).  Performing brow lift can unveil the hollow upper eyelids/brow region from age-related fat deflation.  The presence of hollowness should be determined prior to surgery and address during appropriately. That would mean volume replacement to the brow (fat, etc).

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Blepharoplasty/Brow Lift Messes with Eye/brow Ratio. Is There an Alternative?

 This shouldn't be the case at all when the Brow Lift is performed in the proper scenario.  Be sure that the plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you select, to perform the Brow Lift and/or Eyelid Surgery understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  Brow Lifts raise the eybrows into a more aesthetic position and open up the lateral (outside) sections, of the eyes making them appear more almond shaped and aesthetically pleasing.

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