Canine tooth didn't come down fully after 2 years of braces. (photos)

I'm 25 years old and ever since getting my braces off at 14, I've been self conscious of my right canine tooth that is still high in gums and turned more than my left canine. I don't want braces again so is there anything I can do to make the tooth match my other one?

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Canine Tooth Doesn't Fit Into the Dental Arch, How Do I Fix It?

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The reason your canine tooth never erupted fully is because your upper dental arch is underdeveloped, thus you don't have sufficient space to accommodate the proper eruption of your canine tooth. This underdeveloped upper dental arch is also what is causing your smile to tilt downward to the left and show excessive gum tissue on your left side.

A simple, removable dental appliance that looks very much like a retainer can be worn 12-17 hrs/day to develop your dental arch sufficiently to accommodate your canine tooth. After sufficient arch development (probably around six months) you can use Invisalign to align the teeth; although Fastbraces would be more predictable and faster if you could endure wearing braces for 20 weeks.

Good luck!

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