Had Bladeless LASIK 17 Days Ago. Right Eye is Very Dry. How Long Will This Last?

Had bladeless LASIK 17 days ago. Right eye is still very dry. Using Refresh lubricating drops every hour, or half hour. Never really had dry eyes before the surgery, though I was never able to wear contacts. Wonder if I did have dry eyes? I am using preservative free drops currently. Are there any other type of drops that I could use that keep them wet for longer? Also the vision in my right eye is not as sharp as my left eye, most likely due to dryness?

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Why even bladeless LASIK causes dry eyes

you will have dry eyes forever to some extent, because even "bladeless" LASIK cuts a corneal flap, although with a laser, which cuts your corneal nerves, which causes dry eyes. it should get better after a few months, and restasis will help. this is why I switched from LASIK to LASEK, as by not cutting a flap or the nerves, I don't cause dry eyes as often anymore. before, when I was doing LASIK, about 10% of my patients had bad dry eyes for months, and 1% had bad dry eyes forever. with LASEK the same numbers were reduced to 1% temporarily and 0% permanently Emil Chynn, MD, NYC

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