I am 37 years old - if I get blepharoplasty of upper eyelids to treat ptosis, how long should results last? (photo)

One eyelid droops ever so slightly more than the other. Can they be surgically corrected to be even? And is there an ideal way to know where upper eyelid should end? I am concerned about over doing it and looking bug-eyed. Suggestions? Guidelines?

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Ptosis repair

It appears that you need ptosis repair and not simple blepharoplasty. This is a procedure that is complex and requires experience in dissecting and re-attaching the levator muscle. The surgeon can't hit and miss... a superb result depends upon fine tuning of the lid margin, lid level, lid contour, crease fixation, preseptal contour. In addition if there is any diversion of the levator axis in the lateral direction, the surgeon must consider re-direction of the levator axis to get a good contour. This might involve release of the lateral horn of the levator muscle. The point is that you need an oculoplastic surgeon who is experienced beyond the occasional encounter with the levator muscle. See the link below to find an oculoplastic surgeon in your area. Best wishes!

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You have ptosis (low lying eyelids) and not blepharochalasis (excess skin causing the eyelids to droop). You need ptosis repair and that usually is permanent. RegardsDr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ptosis correction

Hi there. Greetings from the UK! I had a look at your photos and you do have bilateral upper lid aponeurotic ptosis where the tendon (aponeurosis) appears to have stretched itself and detached of it attachment to the tarsal plate (main cartilage like structure within the eyelid). It's common in contact lens wearers. I agree with Dr Taban in that you need a ptosis correction and not necessarily a blepharoplasty at all. Slightly more complicated than a blepharoplasty; most ptosis operations are permanent but are largely dependent on the health of the aponeurosis itself which one cannot comment on until actually examining it during the surgery. I'd recommend that you see an oculoplastic surgeon as they perform loads of these operations routinely. The worst thing to do would be to have it operated on badly by someone who doesn't do enough and does the wrong operations as later revisional surgery can be quite unpredictable due to the scarring etc. The best chance for permanent success is at the first procedure. Good luck! David

David Cheung, MBChB, Bsc(Hons), FRCOphth
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Ptosis repair is not a blepharoplasty

ptosis repair lasts essentially forever. Ptosis is caused by laxity in the muscle opening apparatus of the upper eyelid and can be due to several causes. Tightening or reattachment of the muscle is the way to repair it and it can be fixed. 

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You have ptosis of the upper lids.  You use your brow to try and elevate the eyelids.  You have very little excess skin, and a deep sulcus with little fat.  You should have a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon who can evaluate  your eyelid muscles and determine what type of ptosis repair would be best for you.  Once the eyelid is elevated, the brow will be able to relax.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Eyelid ptosis surgery

Ptosis surgery can be done several ways.  All carry the possibility of asymmetry which can be lessened by  performing the surgery under local sedation with the patient being able to open the eyes during the surgery.  You should seek consultation from a surgeon who does the operation frequently.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
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How long do the results last after eyelid surgery

This is a very common questionPtosis correction surgery results will last forever. However, as you age, your eyelid tissues will age, relax and will show signs of ageing. This will be enhanced by the ageing changes in the bony eye socket as well.You may need 'touch up' as you go, depending on the changes you wish to correct. But it is unlikely that you will need them in the next 10-15 yearsAll the best

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
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Eyelid Ptosis surgery results last many years

You likely need upper eyelid ptosis surgery, not blepharoplasty. The result of ptosis surgery lasts many many years. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Ptosis Repair

Ptosis repair for the upper eyelids is a very common procedure that's performed by a specialist. Once the procedure has been completed, the results are in essence permanent. There are, however a small percentage of patients that over time the ligaments that hold the muscle together begin to stretch again. Should this be the case you can have repeat procedures done at some point down the line. At this point your results look outstanding and I would not perseverate too much on how long it would last. I would simply enjoy the results.

Roberto E. Garcia, MD, FACS
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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