Flapless implants after tooth extractions.

3 days ago I had eight flapless implants (6 weeks after extractions) in preparation for upper and lower overdentures. The dentist said nothing except 2 upper ones were nice and parallel and he put in 2 lower ones 'manually' and that's it. He'd previously gone on about bone grafts but didn't use any. Any pain is from the injection sites. I'm 63. Would the CT scan have shown proper bone structure? He asked the nurse for 4.1? 4.1 what? Has he used mini-implants when I paid for full? I'm confused!

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Flapless Implant

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Yes, a CT scan would show the bone structure. Also, 4.1 refers to the size of the implant and is a very common size.

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Flapless Implants

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I can't speak on the indication for bone grafting in your case, but I could clarify that 4.1 most likely suggests the diameter of the implants used, which are not considered mini implants. Straumann, for example, carries a 4.1 mm diameter implant that is used for many common applications in implant dentistry. 

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