Fixed hybrid bridge or overdenture? (photo)

I've had ill fitting dentures for years so have no problem putting them in and out. I am considering either an implant retained Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge (6 upper and 4 lower implants) OR an implant Retained Overdenture (4 upper and 4 lower implants). Is it worth paying 25% extra for the fixed bridge? I appreciate that 6 implants are better than 4 but what else? I also need bone grafting.

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Snapindentures, or all on4, by nobel biocare

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Well, if you want to improve what you have , this is 2 of the best options that you can get, and you will love the results. you will have a great layout, and great confidence .snapindentures, have no roof of the palate, and the all on4, by nobel biocare, is a great proven protocol, that will change your life. yes, there are always solutions.

Implant overdenture vs implant bridge

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Don't be fooled by bright white teeth.  What's on the inside is what counts. Your tongue will appreciate it. Go to the doctors webpage for pictures to see what the 'inside' of the teeth will look like. Each type has its pros & cons. Go over those with your doctor.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Deutsch Removable Bridge is best of both worlds

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There are many goals and factors when choosing implants and associated restorations.  Fees are for a different discussion, as value is a personal feeling.

Main goals when replacing arches of teeth include: stable, function, cleansable/maintainable.  Having something stay put is important, but if you can't clean around the restoration then bacteria collects leading to bad breath, bad taste, and eventually failure of the implants (fall out).  Removable options USED to mean less stable and still bulky acrylic.

Not with the Deutsch Removable Bridge.  The links I share explain in detail.

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