Possible seroma? (photos)

Still having the same issues. Had my surgeryb12/15/15. Pain & consistant dwelling & bulge under my belly button. Its hard, has random knots & hurts although im numb. Went and seen surgeon he wrote for an ultra sound. He didnt say much about it. Insurance won't cover it. Is this what a seroma looks like? What will I meed done to fix this?

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Lower abdomen bulge

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Your deformity may be due to multiple factors including chronic seroma, scar, uneven fat reduction in the lower abdomen, etc. Ultrasound imaging is a reasonable first step to identify the cause of deformity. Considering that this is result of cosmetic surgery some insurances will not cover it. However, that should not be very expensive procedure; you should call few diagnostic imaging clinics and negotiate the price. Good luck.

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Is this a Seroma after my Tummy Tuck?

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It is impossible to diagnose a seroma based on still photographs unless it is localized and large. The fact that your surgeon suggested you have a ultrasound suggests he was not sure if you have one based on his examination or that he thinks you may have a multi walked seroma which may need to be drained under ultrasound guidance. Using ultrasound is a reasonable approach for initial diagnosis of a chronic seroma and its treatment. At over a year after surgery, if indeed it is a seroma it may not respond to simple aspiration in which case your surgeon may Ritter choose to try objecting an irritating antibiotic into the pocket to get the walls to stick together or to the-operate and surgically remove the pocket  (bursa) and resolve the issue. I would ask the hospital to give you a fair price on the ultrasound and you can ask around town what the charges may be for a diagnostic ultrasound or for one with per cutaneous drain placement if a seroma is found. Dr. Peter A. AldeaMemphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Is this a seroma?

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There are several reasons for persistent swelling after a tummy tuck.  It could represent:

  1.  Recurrent diastasis
  2. Seroma
  3. Persistent fat
  4. Scar

An ultrasound is usually the first step if the clinical diagnosis is unclear.  In my area we have not had trouble having thsi covered by insurance.  Of course there may be co pays and deductibles for the test.

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It is unusual to see a seroma develop so late after a tummy tuck but I am not sure how long you have had your symptoms. You need to see your surgeon or another BCPS to complete your evaluation and offer you care.  

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