Doctor Says I Cannot Have Lasik Because of Blackhole In Retina?

I have taken Lasic pre check up in one of the famous lasic centres. Eventhough i have enough retina thickness(i.e.,577), Doctor said thet iam not eligible to undergo the lasic treatement because the reason i have blackhole in my left eye retina.Is it really serious problem?


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LASIK and hole in retina

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There are many different degrees of seriousness to what you are describing.  Some retinal holes are left untreated while others are treated with laser.  The location of the hole is also important.  A hole on the inferior retina in the periphery would be much less worrisome than a central retinal hole.  You should discuss this more with your retinal specialist to clarify the seriousness of the problem.  If it isn't a concern, LASIK might still be an option for you.

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Retina problem and LASIK vs Lasek

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You're referring to your cornea btw when you say sufficient thickness. Not your retina

i think you mean you have a retinal hole

this means you can't have the cutting LASIK procedure

that puts too much suction pressure when making the flap so it's not safe for your retina

you can get Lasek however probably because there's no cutting or flap or ppressure 

that is why many people who can't get LASIK come to me for lasek

just go to a good Lasek surgeon and ask him

You may need a retinal laser first to seal the edges of your hole

Hope this helps and good luck 

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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