Blackheads After Rhinoplasty

I had my nose done 10 weeks ago, people started to tell me that I have so many blackheads on my nose and that they are really big. So I went to a drugstore and they offered me a creme that removes blackheads in a night. It's called 'Darphin overnight refining lotion'. But a girl at the drugstore told me that she had 5 rhinoplasty surgeries and she thinks that it's because of all the cosmetics she used. I'm from Europe and surgeon's don't have aestheticians in their offices. Is she right? Thank you very much.

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Blackheads after rhinoplasty

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Your "blackheads" represent sebaceous glands distended with sebaceous material.  This situation is almost universal after rhinoplasty because of the adhesive applied to the nose at the conclusion of your rhinoplasty, followed by occlusive tapes, followed by a snugly fitting occlusive splint that stays on for one week.  Even after the splint is removed, some adhesive remains, and most patients are reluctant to start exfoliating the healing, delicate nose.  My opinion is that these sebaceous glands should be gently emptied of their secretion.  You can carefully do this in the mirror if your surgeon approves, with the assistance of toner, glycolic acid, and other exfoliating products.  Open the glands and empty them gently, begin exfoliating, and the pores will tighten.

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Blackheads After Rhinoplasty

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Hi New york8421-

It may take several more week for the nasal skin to return to normal, In the mean time used a simple cleanser to keep the skin clean. Don't get too aggressive in trying clean or degrease the skin; it will only make matters worse. Remember the skin is swollen from the surgery. Be patient.


Tom Kaniff

Thomas E. Kaniff, MD, FACS
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Blackheads after Rhinoplasty

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It is very common to have blackheads after nose surgery. The pores on your skin become blocked from the splint, tape and adhesives used to keep the splint in plce. Gentle cleaning will help clear this problem in a few days to a week or so. Be patient and be careful.

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
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