Blacked out Plastic Goggles As Safe As Metal Goggles for IPL Facial Treatments?

Hi. I meant to ask this in a previous question but forgot. I had an IPL (Palomar Starlux) treatment on my face. They provided me with blacked out plastic goggles for eye protection. They got very close to my eyes and the flashes were incredibly bright. What I am worried about is that these were not metal goggles. Most of the literature I have read says you must use metal goggles to protect yourself from eye damage. Would PLASTIC darked out goggles protect me also? Worried.

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Depends on the type of light used

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The goggles you need depend on the type of machine and light or laser used. Only specific types of goggles can be used for specific wavelengths. For most IPLs, plastic goggles are fine. Metal goggles are used primarily for more higher-depth lasers, like a YAG or Diode. There are also sticker type goggles that are made in several different types for different types of lasers. These are just as effective as the plastic or metal ones.

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