I'm a black woman, 33, with really bad acne scars. I'm trying to decide between TCA 15% or Glycolic 30%. Please help. (photo)

I have really bad acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I've never done a peel before but I have a mid-high tolerance for pain. I've had laser for hair removal many times before. My mind is set on a self administered peel, and I plan to do a test patch first to be safe. I'm trying to decide between TCA 15% or Glycolic 30%. I've done a lot of research and am still researching, but it hasn't significantly made this choice easier. Any suggestions/information (links if possible). I've attached pics

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Acne scarring

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Glycolic acid peels are less inflammatory than TCA, so it is a good choice in darker skin types. Salicylic acid peels are also very effective in darker skin, especially if there is active acne. A prescription topical retinoid, such as Tazorac, is a must to help with uneven pigment .

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