Black Triangle in Teeth? (photo)

I am removing braces very soon and I still have a black triangle that i want gone! its very small next to my 2 front seems like it could easily be fixed but my ortho said theres nothing that can be done..what should i do??

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Bioclear Method to help orthodontists

It is not unusual for orthodontists to say "nothing can be done" but they mean "nothing can be done.... THERE."  The Bioclear method does a great job to help "finish" orthodontic cases when black triangles develop.

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How Do I Fix a Black Triangle Between My Teeth?

Black triangles between teeth are caused by the shape of your teeth and gum recession. There are two ways of fixing your black triangle. First way is to contour the two teeth so your contact (area where teeth touch) is more broad. This obviously creates space between the two teeth. Your orthodontist would then move the teeth together again which eliminates the black triangle. The other way to do it is with bonding after the braces are removed. 

Good luck!

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