Black Scar After Mole Removal, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed 3 days ago and because it was a raised mole, it had to be removed by stitches. A day after i got the stitches out, i noticed a black spot on the scar but it's no longer raised. The surgeon has called me back after 6 weeks for biopsy results. Is there a possibility that this black spot is another mole or is it just some temporary thing?

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As long as the pathology came back benign you dont have to worry. The pigmention likely will resolve epecially if  it was not present before the mole removal.  Occasionally if a mole or compound nevus has a deep component that has not been completely removed pigment can persist.  Let it heal over months before you judge the final result.  Make sure you review the pathology with your MD to ensure there was no sign of malignancy ie melanoma a skin cancer which can appear black.

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"Black Scar" after mole removal

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Since the black spot was noticed the day after suture removal, I suspect it is due to a bit of "dried blood" along the incision line.

That is nothing to be concerned about as the body will naturally dissolve it in a couple of weeks. The most important thing would be the pathology report. As long as the "mole" that was removed did not turn out to be malignant, i.e. a skin cancer or melanoma, you should be okay.

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